Close Enough

Video release date February 4, 2022

Words and music by Bill Bromfield

Performed by Lisa Jones Bromfield and Bill Bromfield

I have no fear when you are near
But you’re not here and I am on my own
So much to do before I’m through
Don’t have a clue and I have never known

How close I was to getting it right
How near I came to winning the fight
It does not matter now; it’s not close enough

I felt the fire that you inspire
That took me higher than the sky is blue
We were the same when we held the flame
No one could blame us that we never knew

How close we were to making it real
How near we came to turning the wheel
It does not matter now; it’s not close enough

We see the mountain in the distance and it calls us
There is no evidence of road
There’s lots of pathways leading everywhere but that way
But we should know

The way to go is against the flow
It may be slow but it’s the only way
We move as one into the sun
The time will come when we will see the day

How close we are to making it right
How near we’ve come to completing the flight
It does not matter now, it’s all close enough
All close enough

This song was recorded “live” in front of a green screen on October 11, 2021 with overdubs of bass and guitar solo added later.  The video was produced by Bill Bromfield using Cakewalk by Bandlab, Sonar V.8.53, Adobe Audition 3 and Acoustica 7 for audio and PowerDirector 365 by Cyberlink for video editing.  The background photos and videos used in this video came from Shutterstock and Pexels.

Cabin in snow, Lake and mountain, Stream, Sun over mountain, Mountain with cloud, Sky, and Hike on mountain path

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Copyright © 2013, 2022 by William M Bromfield and Lisa Jones Bromfield, Clockwise Records – Waterfield Music (ASCAP)