Time Away

Video release date 1/21/2022

Words and music by Lisa Jones Bromfield

Performed by Lisa Jones Bromfield and Bill Bromfield

Leaving skyscrapers of routine
Open my eyes, gather the dream
This day offers newness and sameness
Change glides by heading downstream

Time Away
Staying up late
Waking up in a place not my own
Smiling at space
Ain’t life great
Hanging out where you’re loved and you’re known

Rock scissors paper with 2 hands
Take that chance, double my score
Wheels, pulleys, love, all devices
To move my feet across the floor


Reach in and out in one motion
Pull close through water not blood
A soul laid bare like a stone
Skills over water, land or mud


I will put that stone in my pocket
Add an acorn a feather a leaf
All those people who heal me
Open my spaces for joy and grief


Copyright © 2007, 2022 by Lisa Jones Bromfield and Bill Bromfield

Copyright (P) 2022 by Lisa Jones Bromfield and Bill Bromfield

Some of the videos and photos used in “Time Away” are the work of Lisa Jones and Bill Bromfield. Others were found at pexels.com
Please check out the work of the artists found on pexels.com
Moving cars in the city – German Korb

Sunset – LuizClas of Pixabay  https://www.pexels.com/video/sunset-855623/

Long pier – Luciann Photography  

Sunrays in the forest – Matthias Groeneveld  

Group jumping on the beach – Belle Co